Anesthesia – Denial mechanism

What you do not know and do not feel, you cannot change. One would say that some things around us are so obvious, that it is impossible not to see them. Still, it is possible. Abusing of the denial mechanism allows this. I say „abuse“ because, as with other mechanisms, each sometimes comes in handy. When reality becomes painful, psychological anesthesia is there to save and help us. Not to see and/or feel. Just like the physicalanesthesia. It helps us endure the inevitable and prepare for what is to come.

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Show me the mask of a man and I will tell you who that man is

– based on 4 character stucture

There are so many roles for people to play. Abundant is the repertoire behind which we can hide. The audience is there as well. „Why do you play a role“ is the question for the actor, and „why do you buy tickets“ is the one for the audience.

Role: „Man“ Play: „Nobody, nobody like ME“

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A little hedonism handbook – Seize the life

Yet again, I have been complimented for being a real hedonist. For knowing how to enjoy life. And here I am, sitting down and asking myself if that really is the case. Being a hedonist – is it really a compliment. Do hedonists worry too, do they wonder, feel the pain..or do they just sit around and indulge themselves into some so-called pleasure. Do work and success go with pleasure then?

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